Him. After five years.

I still remember the first time I met him, first at Graduan fair, KLCC back in 2013. That was when I was 21years old. Looking from a far, hearing his speech on that stage, when he was 24years old, was amazing. I literally felt the aspiration from knowing him, totally understood a person who come from  a small village, building himself up to where he is now require tons of hard work, sacrifices, bloods and tears. But like he said, I was on the other side, where I could only see the greener views of him. Little do I know his struggle. We had fun, we watch movies together, went to concert and, met him at Melbourne.

Fast forward to today, he is still the same innocent kind guy. Maybe because I know him personally and never actually work with him. I could see how he is a good friend. We had fun, we laughed a lot that night on a simple dinner, ghost movie we both enjoyed and a cup of ice cream. We catch up with each other life. And I wish him all the best for his GMAT, US dream.

The question come back to me, what is my future plan.

I have no idea. Back then when I was married, all my dream crash. And to be honest, I’m scared of getting married in future. What if I lose myself. What if I care for the other person too much that I could lose myself. I have learned in a hard way, to hold on my dreams. He asked me, why don’t I try to go to UK. You dont need a UK degree, all you need is work experienced, and determination, of course to first complete my ACCA. I almost lose hope with my ACCA study. I failed twice. I almost pass, with a minimum 7marks. But I didn’t make it. Wasted a year of life, with no accomplishment. It feel sucks.

I boldly asked him out again, because I needed someone to talk about my future plan. Someone who would actually advice me. And he said, if I still have my momentum, I should get going. I need to get my life back. I’m only 26years young, and dreams doesn’t count your age. It is best that I ended this marriage early, knowing that it didn’t get me anywhere.

Tear apart with my ambition, to continue with Big4, this time as a consultant. Another dream of mine, other than being an auditor. And today, I received the interview from government to be an accountant. Strange, it is something everyone look forward to. But not me. I would do my best, and hope that Allah show me the right way.

Another piece of puzzle in life, unsolved.

Miss Aila


The Pursuit of Writing

It has been a quiet morning everyday. And often times, my mind is fresh and blank. I open my window. Letting the fresh wind blew. It is nothing like I could have imagine. I should be sad now, I should be terrified and anxious, when he finally left. But I didnt. A friend of mine said, I was an amazing woman. How fast I could stand back up, and mend my own little heart. I do, I do it everytime.

The night when he left, I was shouting, crying and frustrated. I was mad, and cursing the whole walls and doors. I sounded stupid. I couldn’t sleep, yet I woke up the other day and prepare myself to work. I still remember, the whisper of my brain. Nothing can change what already happen. I need to keep looking forward, and focus my energy for the future. I need to be strong and face all this. I have been in the deepest hole for the past years. I couldn’t possibly lower myself more. Life is like that.

This house hold bitter sweet memories. I used to dream of living in a duplex studio, and I did. God has given me so much, I couldn’t be complaining anymore. There is too many things in life to be grateful for.

Of my job. My family. My financial. My health. Most importantly, how this years makes me a better muslim. I should be preparing myself for hajj. Something that will change myself, to stop loving this dunya, and focusing on the hereafter that last forever.

A friend also told me, how blessed I am to have learn so much in a very short time. To have fail a lot and raise up high. To hold myself accountable in every little things I do.

Like before, this feeling happen again. I have almost everything I asked for.

Wanted to work at the Big4, and I did, not once but twice. Working oversea. and I did. Travel to many countries and I did. Meeting many people, and a lot of them too. Life is just a pure blessing to find eternity in akhira..

To many more writing,

Love Aila x

The Opening is The Closing


Another year passed.

Jan – He is my first husband, Erwin Syarmizie Bin Mohamed Syazwan. living my married life and juggling with work as an auditor

Feb – Quitting my dream job and planning to take my ACCA full time

Mar – Set foot in Melbourne. To be a full time housewife + student

April – Things getting worst, with fights, tears, sweat and blood.

May – Heartbreaks and tears. Nightmare and sorrow.

June – First hari raya that I missed my family gathering. Another fight as I’m going back to Penang.

July – Started work at SLB & we moved to a new studio. I failed my ACCA P7. Expected.

August – Worst fight after we moved out. I started to ignore his family. Too much pressure, and I’m losing my respect.

Sept – Life goes on. Busy with class. Fights get lesser. But we both know what we hold in our heart.

Oct – my Birthday at secret recipe. thanks for the water bottle.

Nov – Life goes on. We do have small fights. we were both emotionally and mentally tired.

Dec – Happy first month ann! thanks for the genting trip.

Jan 2018 started with him, not having any job. and i’m fine. 2018 started with him lying to my face and leaving me at home the whole day. And I ran back to Penang, while he packed all his things and moved out on Jan 8th.

getting a divorce is never an easy decision. I have been telling myself, that I get nothing out of this one year marriage. I try to hold myself, I try to work this out, but there is no more respect, no more patience, no more trust to hold. life is too lonely, even when you have someone besides you. I started to miss my single life. Not sure if it is the best, but it is better than this.

They said, this is more to empathy, than love. So what happen to the relationship that starts with empathy? Does it all have sad ending? So what happen, if our path crossed again? Will we be looking at each other eyes, and admitting our foolish young dumb mistakes? I wish I could turn back time. But how could I. When everything I have learned today, shape me to be who I am.

He must be hurting a lot. I dont know what to do, or what to say. As he is the one who left. He, who promise me, that he won’t leave. I feel sorry, for not having the gut to say it in the beginning. But I hope he come out stronger. I wish, he will be better over the time.

I need to start crafting my future. With or without him. My contract with Schlumberger is ending soon. And I’m leaving next month for an interview at Singapore. Still struggling, still trying to do my best to achieve my dreams. Although, it might not be easy, but I wish for a long and peaceful road ahead.

May Allah guide us all.

Love, Aila

Salam Eid

Pagi raya. With my husband family. It was a warm morning. Delicious nice food. And a gathering with a small family. Feeling the missing of my 5+1 sibling. The jokes and teasing in pagi raya. Unknowingly, this raya feels empty.

Second day of raya, my husband and I drove to Sabak Bernam. Maybe I was too close to the memories, it couldn’t stop me from wanting to go back for raya. Maybe kampung baru was too common to me. I had to speed out from the city to feel the celebration of raya again. It was the same old feeling, with Mak Tam’s family, Pak Uda’s, and my parents. We did very few house, or maybe just me and my husband. Only three.

Nevertheless, it completed my Hari Raya for 2017. Except missing usual annual raya meeting.

To many more raya in 2018. In syaa Allah.

Of heart, fate and destiny

After it happen, I went to Penang. Couple of days, spend good time with my sister, mom and dad.. And I’m back to Kuala Lumpur again.. I need to start listing out and sorting my gratitude in life.. my dreams.. my priority in life.. I may need to update this list over the time.. but here is just a simple reminder for myself…

Things to be gratitude for..

  1. Health
  2. Family
  3. My current life
  4. Future job
  5. Acca to pursue

And I put my heart to Allah. To acknowledge that all this temporary world are only ‘pinjaman’. And there is nothing permanent in this merely world, happiness, pain, despair.. To depend only and only to Allah. May Allah keep my heart steady in his path.

Of being grateful

Woke up this morning just to have my day ruin. Everyone have their bad day once in awhile. But for my case, it was like a million days and counting with one hand for a good one. Exaggerating! No I’m not…

I guess I’m just tired playing with my own heart, denying my brain and wake up just to the same routine life. Soon, I’ll be back to Kuala Lumpur and the big decision is to be made.

Another different path of life. Perhaps. For a better one? I keep dreaming of my family, I’m very sure they all have been missing me, for more than 3 months. And I painfully made them feel losing a daughter.

At one point of time, a friend told me to be stop dreaming. And live a grateful life. And I was like, wht is there to be grateful of my ruin life? I lost my condo, I lost my car, I lost a job. And he reminded me,

I still have my family, a home to go to, a car, a future job, ACCA to pass, my health, money in my bank account. Worst yet, I should be grateful for being alive. Allah.