Salam Eid

Pagi raya. With my husband family. It was a warm morning. Delicious nice food. And a gathering with a small family. Feeling the missing of my 5+1 sibling. The jokes and teasing in pagi raya. Unknowingly, this raya feels empty.

Second day of raya, my husband and I drove to Sabak Bernam. Maybe I was too close to the memories, it couldn’t stop me from wanting to go back for raya. Maybe kampung baru was too common to me. I had to speed out from the city to feel the celebration of raya again. It was the same old feeling, with Mak Tam’s family, Pak Uda’s, and my parents. We did very few house, or maybe just me and my husband. Only three.

Nevertheless, it completed my Hari Raya for 2017. Except missing usual annual raya meeting.

To many more raya in 2018. In syaa Allah.


Of heart, fate and destiny

After it happen, I went to Penang. Couple of days, spend good time with my sister, mom and dad.. And I’m back to Kuala Lumpur again.. I need to start listing out and sorting my gratitude in life.. my dreams.. my priority in life.. I may need to update this list over the time.. but here is just a simple reminder for myself…

Things to be gratitude for..

  1. Health
  2. Family
  3. My current life
  4. Future job
  5. Acca to pursue

And I put my heart to Allah. To acknowledge that all this temporary world are only ‘pinjaman’. And there is nothing permanent in this merely world, happiness, pain, despair.. To depend only and only to Allah. May Allah keep my heart steady in his path.