Of being grateful

Woke up this morning just to have my day ruin. Everyone have their bad day once in awhile. But for my case, it was like a million days and counting with one hand for a good one. Exaggerating! No I’m not…

I guess I’m just tired playing with my own heart, denying my brain and wake up just to the same routine life. Soon, I’ll be back to Kuala Lumpur and the big decision is to be made.

Another different path of life. Perhaps. For a better one? I keep dreaming of my family, I’m very sure they all have been missing me, for more than 3 months. And I painfully made them feel losing a daughter.

At one point of time, a friend told me to be stop dreaming. And live a grateful life. And I was like, wht is there to be grateful of my ruin life? I lost my condo, I lost my car, I lost a job. And he reminded me,

I still have my family, a home to go to, a car, a future job, ACCA to pass, my health, money in my bank account. Worst yet, I should be grateful for being alive. Allah.



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