Of changes

I realize, it was not about my environment. It was me, who is unable to embrace the changes. Maybe it takes time, maybe it is about accepting the ultimate truth. Of no more late night talk with girlfriends, no more homie call, no more the carefree-crazy living aila.

Once, it all feel so content. Worry free. It was just me in my world, and few people who I care less to impressed. It was only me. Until my stupid brain told me to find someone to fill this emptiness. And then, the peaceful life I had changes dramatically.

Today, I’m still pujuk-ing my heart. To accept the reality. To accept my surroundings. To change when I needed to change. To smile when I have the right to frown. To forgive when the world is too cruel. To be happy, when there is so much to whine. Above all, to be content. To be grateful With everything that I have today.

A loving husband. Foods on the table. Free time. Blessful health. Supporting family. Different country. Experience. And my tiny iman.

Ball of love, azlila


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