Her new self

Less than two weeks times before Im back to KL. Similar to last year, I spend my first week of Ramadhan away from Malaysia. Truly missing Dubai, back in 2016. Will be missing Melbourne soon. Life has been so different after nearly three months here. So many life lessons learned.

Of sacrificing my solitude and carefree life. Of sharing my stories with another person, called husband. Of trying my best to know my very own gift in life, a man. Do I regret? Duh, it never occur in my entire life to be so.

This few months, I learned to forgive like never before. I learned to share my life, share my laughter, my stupid random act. Although I still can’t get over shopping alone! Hahaha

I miss my old Nur Azlila. But I do want to embrace this present life to the fullest. There is so much thing to learn, and I may not be able to list of the life challenges and struggle I’m going through now…. to leave everything to Allah, have full trust and tawakkul.. to plan, and to believe that Allah is the best planner.. to love, and forgive with my all heart.. and most importantly, to open my heart.. it may be the most difficult things to do, because whenever I open it ajar, I tend to shut it close again. To be young and brave like I was before.. to smile tho it hurt.. to let people wonder why you are still smiling.. to let go of resentment, to be true and genuine. To love yourself more than anyone else. That is Aila 🙂

Love, always.. x


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