I gave up…

I started to know myself more, as I’m living with my husband now. 5 months. And countless fights. Countless shout. Countless heartbreak.

I started to realize. I won’t force myself to let anyone in. If it happen, it will happen. If I’m not willing to share my life stories, then not sharing is fine. I started to put myself first. It is not selfish. It is self reliance. It is to acknowledge myself, and put aside whatever people around me said about me.

It may not be easy. There will be ups and downs. But the most important thing in life is, not to give up with my dreams. To keep thriving, and success.

I give up. Of the idea to make anyone like me. They gonna hate me, like everyone does. And that is okay for me. And I don’t care about other people. It will, and always have to be about me. To create new thought, to have the guts to clean up with the things that won’t work. And I’m willing to commit to myself. And keep moving forward with myself.


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