Tetapkan Hati 

Azan zuhur dah berkumandang 65min yang lalu. Dan aku masih di atas katil. Terfikirkan blog Asmidar. A girl, who I randomly follow in instagram, because of her beautiful and inspiring instagram pictures, reminding me of Allah Greatness and Power through all her pictures. 

Terdetik jugak dalam hati, she went all around the world, like other rich girls, spending money like nobody’s business. Until I found her blogspot today. Tersentap. A young girl who her parents divorced, finding her own money to survive, admitting the challenging life at kuala lumpur, and went over to JB to continue her study just to avoid dugaan dan hidup sosial di KL, and all her islamic words, touched my heart. 

All this while, I thought I choose the hard life alone. While people around me still in their comfort zobe. All this while, I never dream of traveling, because it is hard for me to even survive at KL without my parents support. Only to see, today Allah letting me know, how a girl who live a harder life than I do, live decent and grateful for everything life have thrown to her. 

Bersyukur Ila, looking back, and think of how Allah has given you everything in life. Every nikmat and easiness in your life. Betapa cantiknya perjalanan hidup. Allah permudahkan. Dari sekolah, senakal-nakal awak, lari asrama, study main2, tak lepas biasiswa untuk sambung oversea, masuk matrikulasi di Perlis, dan hidup dengan leka di UKM, yet Allah masih bagi nikmat sihat, kelapangan waktu. Even you never get dean list, you were offered not once, not twice but many time by many company for a job. Percaya, betapa Allah sayang pada hamba-hamba Nya.

Change Ila. For the better. It is a life long process. Take one step at a time. Slowly and steadily, tetapkan hati pada Yang Maha Pengasih. Tetapkan cinta pada pemberi cinta. Kawal diri, jaga hati. Innallaha ma sabireen.



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