Decision Made _

People are questioning me if I made the right choice. Awak, mana la saya tau. Jodoh itukan rahsia tuhan. Saya tak tahu kalau ES itu jodoh saya. Semua orang nak jodoh yang soleh dan solehah, tapi tak semua persiapkan diri dengan iman dan taqwa. Like he once said, jodoh itu cerminan diri. To choose him today is to put hope to Allah. Kita berusaha, no matter how hard it will be, dengan kesetiaan and kejujuran, untuk menjaga kepercayaan dengan jarak yang memisahkan. 

It is hard for me, but I don’t want to put any pressure on him. It is more than enough to know that he is there. His sincerity and niat to be with me. Many would shake us, not just once, but a lot of times. And all those time, I know that he would be there, beside me when I need him.

People cabar ES, they put bet that ES would leave me, they said harsh things, and I cry at night to sleep. And I wake up in the morning, finding him, comforting me. As always, taking care of me, what he do best. The silent me, would still choose him. The stones that they throw towards him while he know nothing, and I keep shielding him, and it hurt me, making me realize of how much I care about him. 

It will be a tough journey along the way. I’m gonna get hurt. But we will go through this together. Because I choose him. Always do, always will. 

x Aila_


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