So today I’m going to meet my sis, which obviously I need to prepare myself with this love self-destruction ambush interrogation by her. I’ve been thinking why him, why I choose es, why him and not someone else, or why can’t it just be me living my life, happily alone. 

After almost a month of us being close together (surprise that we actually can keep good contact to this day), I started to learn our differences and similarities day by day. He is sweet, unlike me. I’m not sweet, I’m bitter and I throw salt to make sweet people run away. He is understanding, he have a personality that I needed in a man. Someone who would encourage me, and be there for me to listen instead of criticizes me for some point whenever I couldn’t handle my own emotion. He is there, he have this thing I couldn’t find in any person. Trust. It is amazing and weird at the same time, that I could trust him, even when we are millions of miles away.

As I go back this weekend, mum probably ask more details about him. And yeah, Perhaps Im gonna twist his life story and make it look similar to mine. That is what at least, his lacking of. Of difficulty and bitterness in life. But it’s okay tho, I’ve tasted that, and I know if one day he stumble upon life difficulty, I would be ready at any time to support him and for us to stand stronger together. 

At some point, he is like a perfect person for me. Except that my heart, some times still have it’s own stubbornness, to not let anyone in. Sigh. It’s gonna take a long journey between us. If he is meant to be mine. 



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