The Battle of Big 4

Stepping into KPMG building today, remind me of my young days. Waking up as early as 6am, rushing to work, made mocha at office, grab sandwich, checking email, and preparing for the next audit works. And the best part of going to work is having multiple lunch mate with other auditors. Life was good, with high and low bumps.

I didn’t tell anyone that I went to kpmg today for an assessment except my family and him. Until this moment, I am still indecisive. Yes, auditor is what I want to be. But is kpmg the right one? Or should I challenge myself and seek for other opportunity? How about EY? Their offer is good, with the chance to be one of financial services auditor, specializing in banking and wealth management. Sounds cool right.

There is still a few weeks left to wait for their response, and figuring things out. Diyana told me, she would encourage me to take ICAEW, and I am willing to pursue ICAEW anytime. The offer to sit for one of world hardest examination, fully sponsored is something I couldn’t resist for now.

Not knowing what the future hold, I would leave the matter to ALLAH, He who knows everything.



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