Four Weeks and Counting – ES

4th October 2015,

The day he called me, and the day I actually tell him stories, unlike any other day. The day, we started to get close, and learn about each other. Its been almost 4 weeks now. I started to realize, we rarely argue, we spend more time understanding and helping each other out. We spend a lot of time, learning about us, what we like, and what we don’t like. Slowly, I came to see, that we have common chemistry in certain things.

When he said, he choose me, because I complete him. I was still in doubt. But what happen today, was a lesson, supporting his words. At time when I was under stress, and out of control, with my moody and frustration mode, he would listen and actually be there to calm me down. He won’t bash me, or criticize me for not being able to solve my problem, he won’t simply give solution, because saying is easier than doing it. He would understand.

At time, when he have problem, for the first time, we actually solve it together, and I use my experiences and psychology way to get him on his right mind to solve it, and end it well.

Even with all his sweetness and outstanding personality, I am still not sure if we are meant to be together. Being a skeptical person is hard. I would need to see more improvement and positive side every day. While my other side, I would miss him, and need him in my every day and night. This uncertainty.



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