ES, our silent moment

After last night, after a short call, I told ES, I would need some time. After almost two weeks, we, non-stop texting and calling each other, days and night. I’m not used to it, to stay up until 3am, skyping, and my phone bill reach rm300 in less than a month. That’s just too much. But most importantly, I wanted to clear up my mind and my feeling. I wanted to choose him for his deen, and not merely because of a feeling.

I’ve told my mom, and she asked for ES picture. there is not much picture of ES in my phone, one is during our meeting at 2nd NALS conference, second was, his picture with his mum he gave me. So I gave his second picture. And mum asked, if he is mixed >.< he is! And he can never hide his mixed malay,chinese face >.< I even thought he is chinese at the first time I met him. I miss him..

I have told him, that we would be having our own time for two weeks, for a deep thinking and planning, or probably for him to really think through, and maybe, change his decision to meet my mum?

I really don’t mind tho, even when I know, I probably won’t find a good, annoying, playful and kind person like him.

I miss him..


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