Do you want to know why I did that? 

I hate touching people belongings as much as I hate others touching mine. 

But why to the extend? Because, I had enough telling about myself, all about myself to you. Not even my bestfriend know what I did at KL living alone. Not even my bestfriend would have all the answers I gave you. I trust you with all I have, enough with my mom’s numbers alone. Do any of my friends have my parents number, No. 

But why is it so difficult for you to even say something about yourself? Why do you make me fall to you when you are not willing to catch me? Why do I have to be a bad person in order to know you? Why? 

If it is wrong at the first place, to know you. Why do you even let me get close to you? 

I hate myself for letting you into my life. Why would I risk my heart for someone who didn’t trust me, who doubt if I would accept him for who he is. Why would you even do that to me? 


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