Is this the end?

ES went mad at me and I guess it was my fault. But he kept his secret like it was his life. Maybe it is, but I never bother. Yet, he is being too much tonight. So I had to question, a question I been wanting to ask since a long time ago. 

‘Who’s house stated in your IC address?’ And he was shocked, obviously. Because the moment I saw the address, I was shocked too. But I keep it to myself. Thinking that if I am important to him, he would told me before I asked. But, until today, he did not. 

He kept his promise and told me, it was his house. And I was acting stupid. And he sigh, what if I told you, I was a grandson of somebody, ‘Somebody who?’ And he didn’t answer my question. 

He was angry, and fulfilling my promise I told him, I saw it, on the last day, when I send him off. I still remember that one night we were arguing when he said, his middle IC number was 14 too! And we checked it together, maybe, maybe that’s trigger me. I dunno. I feel shitty. I dunno what to say. 

He probably went all regret knowing me by tonight, I don’t blame him. It was my fault at the first place. I never should have touch it. And even if I did, I shouldn’t. Really, he went mad tonight. And I lost my words. 

I know, giving a silent treatment is a bitch moves. But that’s all I can think of now. I would say I’m sorry, but that doesn’t change anything. I really wanted to tell him, to forget me and find a better person. I don’t deserve a good man like him. Or anyone. 

I’ll never be good with this relationship thing. I’m sorry. 


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