Do You Trust Me?

Not sure how we get close. Or usually we only get close when ES make the effort to. Like, he would call or text me first. Then I will just be around. At time, when I have problem, he would be the one who is damn curious and won’t stop asking until I tell him my full story, even.. he would not come to any conclusion or solution to my problem.. But he would be there, remembering every stories I ever tell him, and weird enough, he never judge me. He would listen, and say something about it, and change the topic to make me forget about my problem.

Lately we were discussing about marriage, we always discuss about that whenever he’s in the mood. I get annoyed when I know him at first, but there was once, I even force him to be mine when I can’t handle the life. But he got his own life too. He got ambition, his dream where he never told anyone. He know what he want, even when it looks ridiculous. Gosh, I dunno why I hated him so much, and he hated me too for I always annoyed him. We both know, we did not have the chemistry. Or it is me, who didn’t to show my kind side. I never sincerely wanted to know what he’s doing, and he never sincerely want me to know what he’s up to either. So I won’t waste my time caring so much about him.

Ever since I met him, I hate the way he gave comment, like suka hati dia je nak cakap ape. zz since then I never cover up my language, I would call him, gila, bengong and whatever that comes into my head. And he keep arguing saying that I hurt his feeling, like I care.

Few days ago, I asked him, Do you trust me? And he said, Yes.

Just like that. I know he trusted me. But it’s just me, who’s having issue. I know he won’t lie to me. I dunno how this trust could build up so strong when I barely know him, and he barely see my kind side. I told him to find another better girl to get married to, and he get so pissed off again and said, what is wrong with me. Hahaha, I treat him bad, almost all the time. I throw tantrums at him, yell at him, punished him for nothing that he have done. Yet, he was there. I dunno why. I never said that I love him, because I don’t. But I know, we are not friends. We are just enemy that couldn’t get each other away. We are enemy that needs to fight. We are fight buddy, and annoying strangers.

Yet, he trust me.


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