ES story – It’s been two years

Dear 22 years old, I am so proud for yourself. You are able to grow stronger and wiser in this tough year. I pray for you will be a good girl, always.

Btw, ES was having his happy mood yesterday. He keep disturbing and making cute happy conversation with me, plus melayan all my tantrums and sarcasm nicely (I wonder what happen to him, really). He even make a stupid plan of getting married, obviously never failed to annoyed me.

Best part, he take all my islamic words and impressed me with his responds. I like him, tho. One of his question,’why do you keep making me hate you?’ And I told him to go find other girl, and he didn’t reply, just making that annoyed text at me again. It was funny sometimes, esp when he keep saying bye, and hate you, or i’m not gonna talk to you anymore, and this is the last time you hear from me… few minutes, seconds, or days, he will come back, call me, text me, just to see if I’m around.

He would listen to my stories with no reply, just asking for more, and he won’t tell me his stories. Not whenever if I asked. He would also remember details of me, and keep being annoyed like, don’t be keling, i say different things last time to him. haha people change ES, and he just layan all my keling stories, dramas, and lately, we know I am being garang to him. Which makes him say, sehari tak marah dia, tak sah (and making crying face).

That is what a patience people did, he was the only patience man I ever met in my life. There was one night when he asked me, why am I so desperate to get married, and I raised my voice to reply him. He told me to stop, don’t raise my voice, talk nicely, He’s listening. Don’t have to be mad. And I drowned in the night.

He also know my darkest secret, and whenever I acted like a biatch, he would be, how long have you not tahajud? Haha, that is my weakest part. Sigh, once he get married, there won’t be anyone left to layan my tantrums, or to give me islamic advice from time to time. or to listen to my stupid stories. Or to even be there when I am in my bad moody. Take care ES, wish you have a great life. Thanks for showing me the right path, and thanks for being there.


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