Make Dua For Me

It’s been two weeks, I’m officially unemployed. Life was not much of enjoyment. But this is the best time in my life to come back to my Creator, to reflect on my mistakes and to repent.

Honestly, I don’t know why I did the same mistake, even after so many time I promise myself not to. I don’t know why I went out not wearing hijab, idk why I accepted my friend invitation that night and I dunno why I called him back.

Iman senipis nipis nya. Terjatuh, bertatih, dan tersungkur lagi. I spend night crying, because of my mistake. I wanted to cry because of him, but no more tears is worth it. If I were to start working today, I probably won’t make time anymore to do Dhuha. I probably missed my prayer like before, I probably be full with myself. And so, to realize, In this world, leave your affair to ALLAH, He who knows better when you know not.

Now, to correct my intention to work is a hard. Why do I work for? For people to say, WOW, look at her, she was amazing. Or, for my parent to be proud of their daughter? Or, for me to simply survive in this world? No. No. No.

Work is a rizq. Rizq from Allah, by Allah and only for Allah.

So, what is my intention to work?

My Allah guide us to the straight path. May Allah fix my iman. May Allah bless my family, friends and other muslims.

Jzk. I miss the nur.


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