The Rain Stop

It’s gonna be almost a week since that day. from the past day, I felt cheated, angry, disappointed and sad at myself. And like every other time, I picked myself up, force myself to get up from the bed, take that cold freezing shower, go out, just go out, do something, keep my physical busy, tho my mind is wandering everywhere.

One thing, I appreciates the most, is my friends, they are always there. Through my dark and shine. Like, I can just tell them, I’m going to singapore, and they be so excited and welcoming. but yeah, I cancelled the plan last minute,, because I was crazy enough to do that. Haha! Indeed, even a friend of mine keep contacted me. We chat, catching up and getting new insight about our life.

At that one night, I remembered all my indonesian life, the people, that many people who have touched my life. The good and the bad. There are so many of people in this world. Why am I too stupid to let the same person break my heart, over and over again. Why am I too blind to see that he, doesn’t deserve my heart anymore. That everytime he have it in his hand, all he did is to crushed it. So let go, take back the pieces, head up, and walk proud like a soldier to be out of his own battle. You know, you are better than this Azlila.

Thank you, cikgu, Amil, Pian, Erwin, ayu, my sis, nabila, syamil, and every one who have keep me in your circle and lighten up my days. I love all of you to bits!

InsyaAllah, I will not give up in finding my first job!


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