Life, and opportunity.

I don’t mind if people don’t understand what I’m doing with my life. I don’t mind if people around me questions me for rejecting offers and declining interviews. I do what I choose to do. I wanted a job, not so bad. But I need a constant development and learning activities. That is my purpose.

Having a job to support me in financial terms is not an aim, but a job which helps me to build a better character. I have high hope in gaining knowledge and also expand my area of expertise, maybe unlike any other fresh graduate.

So don’t ask me, why did I accept second internship offer, when I can live a life an an auditor. And don’t ask me why I didn’t accept offer from telecommunication company, and I seek for temporary learning programme. Because this is my life, and I try my best to improve, in every way possible.

Today, I look back.. to realize how many people, connections I have made. That make me reach most of my dreams. I have just completed gmap online assessment and send my application for further review to CIMB.

KPMG is waiting, but I choose to delay. I haven’t even contacted person who I suppose to report to when I’m back for good in Malaysia. Maybe, just give me a few more days. I would love to have a good life, as everyone wish for. I would love to have someone to have my back, and a stable life. But everything take risk, and I’m not a huge risk taker.

As for now, I’m learning to walk this observing, learning and reading.. there is much more life opportunity waiting.


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