Do you remember 

There are time when I feel like dying and couldn’t catch my breath. There are moments where I fly yet I couldn’t hold anyone to share above the skies. There are time when I needed a glimpse of light in my dark alley. But you weren’t there.

Today, when you say hi, out of the blue. You make me speechless. What do you want? To come back and open up the wound? To remind me of how you push me far away and left me alone at the time when I needed my best friend so bad? What do you intend to do? 

Do you remember the night when I was all into you, looking desperately over your attention and you yelled at me for it? Do you remember the day when I was lonely and needed someone to talk to, but you hang the phone calls? Do you remember when I cried begging you to stay but you walk away? And you walk away so easily like nothing really matter. 

Never tell me you are sorry. Because no matter how sorry you are, sorry it is. Time passed. And I believe, we have all learned our life lessons, to appreciate and never take our loved one for granted. 

I cherish every memories I have while I’m with you. But I won’t choose to make a new one. So long. 


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