Ad Hoc Meeting

Ad-hoc meeting. 10 minutes after I was back from lunch with my intern-mate, we had a joyful conversations about culture and living overseas, when a senior architect call me up for a meeting.

This is my second meeting, and I want to, at least be prepared, tho I was only informed five minutes earlier. He was a substitute for the meeting, and basically we are ruin. I can tell you. at the intro of the meeting it went well, tho too many was joining the meeting. The architect told me not to say anything, but how do I not, when everyone is keeping quite and speaking indonesian in the meeting room. And the guess are totally not an indonesian as she did not react to any bahasa words.

Well, it happen to be that I was the one who conducted the meeting. With very little experiences in Cloud and Data center, even not knowing if there’s anything to do with Mr. Chandra works! Because it was his meeting 😦

It end worst, tho the singaporean look friendly and all. I don’t want to look over-power my senior architect, besides I am just an intern… sigh..

Why la this day have to happen…….


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