Lala Land

Fifth week, and I feel obliged to write whats happen throughout my week. 4 weeks to go before I’m back to Malaysia for good. I have been to an island, had my solitude time, thinking moment and some self searching.

Life have been good, or should I say, GREAT. Former boss at audit firm texted me asking when I’m coming back, and I gave him a direct answer of my flight ticket. Tho even for now I am not sure if I wanted to settle and live a normal life as a malaysian auditor and have no life going to work at 8am to 12pm.

Let the future be, I needed to find a job, but I have been sending weird jobs application to UK, Canada, NZ, Sg, and random places. No responds, and neither do I hope for one. Sigh.

Boss at Indonesia ask me if I wanted to extend my intern, and so obvious the answer is No. I have fun working and enjoying stress-free life here, but I needed something more. Something which tickles me to wake up to work every morning. Something that makes me excite for monday.

Had a facetime with malaysian friend, she was super excited to know about my blessed life here. Yeah, I just figured out my accommodation for a month cost me almost Rm5k, just for a month, only for accommodation, and I am here, like a tourist, shopping, went to island, swimming on weekend and had a good day enjoying myself.

I don’t know why I don’t feel blessed that much, maybe I have been taken most for granted. Maybe because I have more in Malaysia than what they offer me here. Maybe, I dont know.

Today, I have completed my evaluation for intangible assets for 4 years. Awesome, and I’m taking the rest of the day as my leisure time, searching how to work abroad 😀

Me and my hopeless dreams.. never end..

Lala Land.


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