A Wallflower


My third week here and I moved to a new area of expertise. The first word that I get from my ex colleague is, sombong.

Let me tell you a journey of my life, or to those who think that they know me, but you don’t.

I’m the girl you saw eating alone at a crowded restaurant, the girl who would walk 2km alone when her car tyre flat without calling anyone for help, I’m the girl who would laugh and spend memorable night with you and act like I don’t know you the next morning, because THAT IS WHO I AM.

I am not proud for being tested on low social skills, and never do I tell anyone about it. Until, yes everyone keep asking me to be more friendly. I tried and I’m tired of it. I’m tired of acting like I care about other people, like I care what you eat for lunch, like I care if your shoes look nice, because honestly, I don’t.

And if you don’t like me, just don’t. And never pretend like you do. If you like me either, I would advice you, don’t. Because I won’t make it to your level of expectation.
A wallflower.


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