Jakarta, Work And Me

31 July 2015

I am on my ‘hot desk’ in office, looking after financial process and the nature of business around me. People here are friendly, nice and warm. I received so much knowledge in just a week. I learn the culture differences, I wear baju kurung on Friday and become their next hot Indonesian model walking around explaining my attire. Life is fine so far. Probably because I had experienced in my previous internship, I try not to take this job hard. Just nice and slow as this is only an operating company at overseas.

Life is good. I stay with a canadian’ish girl for 8 weeks, improved my english speaking and getting to know indonesian language too! The people here is too friendly and I am trying to spend time as much as I can to adapt this lifestyle as I am before, an independent alone person.

Like, whenever I wanted to walk home alone and drop by somewhere, there will always be friends or workmate who would walk me home and we talked like we have known forever. Which is why, it is quite difficult for me to get my own personal time to reflect upon my days.

Regardless, I am happy (as for now) and hope the day will be much brighter and so fourth. I have just become a mentor to my ULDP junior which I met before during MGAC 2015 at Nottingham University. And yes, ULDP is really a turning point in my life and I hope it is for him too.

Much hopes,



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