UKM, The Alma Mater

It was a week ago, as I step out from DTAMS, most sitting examination hall. The hot air blew as I take my first step out. It’s over! 4 years and my life in UKM have come to an end.

There is no party, or insane moment of celebration as I always did. There was just a smile, and wishing goodbye as everyone parted. University have hold so much memory in me. 4 years of my freedom, of learning to discover myself, of falling and rising myself up, of having new friends and losing old one, of what love feels like and how heartbreak can really shattered you to pieces, of how having a crush feels like, of how filthy party look like, of how good of an angel I can be, and of how bad immature person I was.

Memories become a life lessons and gems of what I treasured the most. The story may not end here, but I once cried of how fast I have grown up. To set myself as a whole and to be my better self every single time have always been so difficult before, now, it was like breathing air.

Few days from now, I will undergoing my next orientation for my first professional qualification. And also, briefing meeting for my eight weeks of ASEAN internship with Axiata.


The River View Restaurant, Pasir Penambang 19 June 2015 Farewell Dinner


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