We Plan, and He is The Best Planner


I started today post with Alhamdulillah. So much blessing and gratitude to the Maker for responding my Du’a.

Indeed, most of family members now, and few people in campus know of the news. My first working abroad offer, which is my second experience to work with yet, another multinational company, Alhamdulillah.

Today, I received the formal offer, to which the contract have been changed, into much better. It’s true, when you make sincere prayer, and you let go of all your affair to Him, having full faith in The Most Merciful, He will take care of it all and eased your matter.



Family gathering attended today have bring me closer to the people whom I loved and those who love me. The appreciation and wishes from caring person have made my day. While it also give me things to wonder about, is completing a degree always received such high compliment, when all the good comes from Him, I am a mere person who struggle to perfecting my slavery.

Nevertheless, with such high appreciation comes responsibility, to be a good example to my niece and cousins. It is amazing how close I am with the youngest, to see their anxious feeling in completing their study, now I know how my eyes look like whenever I’m in that state before 🙂

Final exams is coming up real close, and I am preparing myself like never before. So peace and relax, studying every notes in calm, and to have trust in myself for He will always help me in time I needed help.

Till then. Congrats dear self.

Do keep making your future self proud and thankful.

In most sincere and humble heart of wishing you a good life herein and hereafter. Insya’Allah



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