A Thought Of Her

11208765_10204249056648947_896605641_n She stood in front of the balcony. Fresh calm air blew her hair covered her eyes, spectacular view of the harbour preparing it cruise sailing braved through the turqoise ocean. She was captivated. Mesmerized by the adorable scene. Never in her imaginary dream she would be there, in Marina Island.

Life of her have been a pleasure journey so as she speak. She learn to love the moment, looking forward for the coming days, drowning in love with herself.

Few days ago, she won the best presenter team for her final year presentation. She deserved it. It was expected. They say.

She sometime. All the time, full with doubt, insecurity, tho she try hard, she couldn’t convince herself enough. She needed trust, most important, she need to believe in herself. Because her soul is a miracle maker in every breath she took.

Walking so bravely, she intent to make her surrounding bright. Yet she blush away from the sun, itself.

The cold ground she used to walk on, by time shaken her, to hold herself up, yes she did.

Little did she know, what lies in the end as she chose the path. For each of her tiny dreams, one by one, came true.

And so, she’s afraid to wish. A sinful dreamers.

Truly, in deepest sincerity of wishing you well.

Aila x Marina Island x 30052015



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