The Day Everything Goes Right

Chill, cold morning breeze from my window as I am writing this at Perak. Bought my last minute train ticket due to extremely bored four days of long holiday in campus.

My one and only midsem paper went well. In fact, a lot of things went well for the past few weeks. Alhamdulillah.

Attended first islamic comference, Game Changer by Yasmin Mogahed is one of this amazing year treasure.


While during half of the conference, I had to catch my signing event at PJ, rushing back and forth, both of the event went well 🙂 Attended on-boarding session during Malaysia Professional Accounting Signing event was truly a blast! Among 30 professional student signing sponsorship agreement to complete our professional examination, knowing I was the youngest at 23 years old to do the signing (which means I’ve earn my second scholarship!) So much to thank Allah 🙂

Good news flows all by His wills, Axiata confirmed to send me abroad on working with their financial team for a new project in an over-populated country, such biggest challenge they have given me.

I have yet to receive their offer letter, to my surprise, Dad gave his green light just like that! *WOW*

Praying for everything to be ease. Counting down days for my first working abroad experience 😀

Jazakumullah Khairan Katsiran Wa Jazakumullah Ahsanal Jaza :’)

Aila M


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