Of Gratitude And Smile

8 weeks left before my degree study finish. Lately, I have been looking into life is such a difficult way instead of giving the right gratitude and appreciation on my achievement to date.

Days ago, I have made a major throwback in my twitter simply to boost and recalled every pleasure life have given me.

Throwing back with pictures and memories as I do some cleaning in my Instagram too.

This goes to all my beloved friends and every person who have been there to make such memorable memories in my life.


There is too much to be thankful for, and here is a list on the latest achievement I have made (Alhamdulillah, couldn’t make this without The Greatest help)

1) Signing day happening for The Malaysia Professional Accountancy Centre Scholarship Agreement on 25th April 2015. Contract bonded for my ACCA local studies with guidance and classes (Yeay! I made it with super hard test and my english suckalot, but nevermind that *lol) 🙂

2) My first ILM Tour To The East 2015 with Yasmin Mogahed #reclaimyourheart – fully sponsored by my other blood sister (May Allah bless you, dear)

3) Receiving AlMaghrib Institute General Scholarship Award for ILMFest 2015 – Signed and bonded. To be attending two days of international speakers in islamic conferences. May Allah ease 🙂

4) Invitation for Eligible Bachelors Party – which I probably declined since I have changed and may not attending any party by all means, InsyaAllah.

5) Job interview from worldwide technocount (a job hunter aka agent) which at the end, they reserved my name under career house with a reason of over qualified (gosh, I didn’t know you can reject people that way!)

6) Meeting a long-lost friend on this coming beautiful day. She’s a beautiful tough young lady who survived hardship and a kind friend ever since I’m in highschool. May Allah protect her in any way possible 🙂

7) Workloads and school have been great. I’m still trying to catch up with assignments and all, every progress and studies Alhamdulillah is doing pretty well. I pray for flying colours on my final semester here, InsyaAllah.

0f43e8b38146308570b48bc5bf65bb4bSurah Al-‘Ankabut (QS 29 : 2)

“Do people think that they will be let go merely by saying: “We believe,” and that they will not be tested,”

Tafsir from Ibn Katsir.

Struggling to be a better person day by day.

Let there be hope for every soul, there is nothing sweeter than turning back to Him, your Creator.

Aila M


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