The Unspoken Words

Walking under the bright sun. Small eyes, sweated shirt, heavy bags, another forced step.

It is 1st April, when I drive back to college with tears and burst of everything I have been holding back. The words, I have finally heard about it, the truth, which I can never go back and live in my comfort zone back in hometown. How does it feel? Of all my dreams to further my study overseas and get a job and create my own terrible sweet life? What is more saddening is, I had to shut my self from the world, from the harsh world after what happen recently.

life has taught me in it’s own way, to never depend on anyone, to never get close or to open to anyone, nor to have any attachment as it will only ruin my life. It does feel good for once, but the consequences after sharing memories is too much to bear.

I am learning to hold my responsibility in my own way. There is just too much, shall i call it a burden?

And everyday as I wake up, I wish for the time to rewind, or fast forward. because the day, the time I lived now is too hurtful. Living in this temporary world, I wish I have the time to know my Creator, to have time to find my purpose of living, to worship Him. But do I?

Life and it’s hurtful way of living.

Words unspoken.



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