8 Days Left

Bad traffic, honking, rushing, frustration, anger. All the negative vibes flow on the highway every morning I make my way to commute. Desperation spells it better. Smile.

Life as a working young adult is never more than what I have been imagine. It’s a real tough life really. And I am experiencing this peak period for months. Going home at 10pm or later, reaching client office as early as possible. That’s just how we use it here.

As far as I can see, there is no easy work today. Might as well I invest my time for a few years in auditor life and learn as much. I believe in life education instead of the formal one. Yes, both are equally important. But measuring with only one of these does not make any sense.

8 days left for my internship to end. And this mix feeling is getting on me. All I can say is, I have done my very best. I have learn from my mistake, and I have become someone who I wanted to be.

Till then. Life goes on.


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