Internship and Independent Life

Do you ever dream of living independently.

The kind of living alone in a condo, drive to work, and independently living by your own. I do.

And I’m currently living my dream at my age, 21 years old.

Nothing is too early when you had a dream, when you work hard and believing in yourself.
But nothing comes easy in life too.

Living my first 30 days is hard, tough I must say. I cried every night reminding myself of my dreams and to keep going.

Accepting an internship offer for 6 months in one of the Big4 company in the city means that I have to leave home, my family, my comfort zone, and jump into the uncertainty in future.

There is so much I learn during my first 30 days. Losing my only smartphones because of my carelessness. Paid extra bucks for train ride because of the counter mistake. Losing a close friend who always support me during my hardest time. And there is so much more of my life lessons.

Indeed, life granted me with an awesome moment too. Participated in ULDP 2014 is the remarkable moment in my life. Above all the soft skills and friends that I made, I discover myself. My potential and my weaknesses. My capability and strength. To realize that all this time, I was underestimating myself.

Life doesn’t stop when I achieve my goal at this year.

Instead, I am planning for something bigger. To achieve my childhood dreams. After 22 years spending my time in Penang and KL, it’s time for me to make a bigger decision in my adult life.

When do I make the move?
Where do I want to invest my next 10 years?
What is my passion in life?
How do I create a better life by following my passion?

And something that I still figuring out till now,
Who is the one, who I can keep by my side, to support me, to handle me, to be beside me during my worst and best day.

Till then.

2015, love from Manchester.


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