Audit Firm Internship Interview

Good morning, yup at 7am in the morning, wake up so early for my interview today. To be frank, I have to admit, that I was thrilled for them to be given my this opportunity to actually be in an interview for my internship with a big audit firm. Regardless my average pointer, I always think positive and send out my internship application anyway. 

It was two weeks ago when I received an email from an audit firm to complete an online assessment (thanks to maybank go ahead challenge, the online assessment is well done by me) which had to be done in 48 hours. The true story here is I just got back from Penang, after an interview with an engineering company. Not a tough one, just basic interview since it was just for internship position.

Waiting for almost two weeks, I begin to wnder if i was shortlisted for the interview, and walah! I got a reply from the talent management for an invitation to be interviewed. In dilemma I must admit because at the same time, I received a phone call from Maybank informing that I passed my preliminary stage to be in campus level, at the exact same day! I was too excited that I rsvp the event and few hours then I had them reschedule my challenge. lulz (sorry maybank!)

So here I am, pretty much nervous and 60% ready for the interview. Hoping they wont ask any accounting issues. Haha! Wish me all the best. Here I come Big4 !!

p/s : meet my partner in crime in D’Shield Graduan Agents Racehappening on this weekend 18th May at KLCC !