Semester Break with Family

Beautiful morning, as I woke up. Prepared my breakfast as usual and clean up the kitchen before I open cooking books to start making my lunch. Dad gone to work for several days, mom already in school, teaching as always. My brother went downstairs at noon being in such hurry and leave me with a word to locked the door as he left. Lonely big home, just me alone. I cooked fried rice for lunch, more like a chicken fried rice. The taste makes me wonder, of how a good cook I am. Mom and dad approved my cooking skill yesterday as I cooked a full day meal when dad was on holiday. A long day with him tho brings us much closer.

A long semester break I am going through here. Talking about future plan, working life, studies, and loves. My conversation with dad mostly academical. I love talking about all those accounting theories I learnt in university, he is very kind and often encourage me to pursue my accounting studies in future and sit for professional examination. Meanwhile regarding my mom and sister, they are busy preparing my sister for her big day! Yes, the wedding. I am so happy for her, obviously. Mom have been trying to talk to me about finding a special one in my life since then. Its a hard talk I must say. 

Love? How do I find one? Everyone love to be loved, but we often bumped into a person we are not meant to be with. Its exhausting, really. I wish god just make it easy for this love thingy to come across my life. Why can’t it be simple as, I like a guy and a guy like me back as much as I like him. How peaceful the world can be, am I right?

Above all, I am spending my semester break as wise as possible. I start to reading, studying my english, improving my cooking skill, and gain some weight! 😛

Till next time, Queen Ice x


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