Dreams And Throwback

Sometimes when I close my eyes, I got this flashback.. The night when we were tired and he drove me home, I would lay down on the seat, stare at the dark skies, and tell him about my dreams.. He did not have a big dreams like mine, but he would listen very patiently.

My dreams of pursuing my studies abroad, work in multinational companies, become an auditor, own a house, and all those dreams.. Sometimes he made my wish comes true, sometimes he pray for the wish to come true when he cant make it real.

Years passed by, with all the throwback, I remember the time when we reach my hostel, yet he would talked for hours and give me advices. Even when dia dah penat nasihat bagai mcurah air ke daun keladi bcos I often hurt him with my words, actions and alot of things.. I wish he would forgive me..

Its hard, but I have to let go.. Things wont be the same..what left is just my dreams awaiting me.. And I shall prove him, my dreams will comes true. So one day when he saw me somewhere with his wife and beautiful kids, he would tell them..

That was a woman I knew, living in her passionate dreams, strongly alone..

Queen Ice x


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