Rant On Love

Others are finding love, few are looking backward for the past love, while in present people are insanely in love.

Met a friend of mine. Didn’t expect she would open up a love stories as I give her a ride back home. She is recently quite a good friend, we were getting much closer this semester. Besides, I once met her boyfie, a nice and good looking guy who is working as a tutor in a university. Spend a midnight watching movies and late dinner with him. Cute couple I must say.

It was a normal hot afternoon as we hit the road, when I sincerely give her my best wish before she end her 3 years of studies in university to pursue her career and get a family as she said the word.. ‘ We just broke up’

Shocking as I heard, I looked at her, and asked whats wrong.. She replied, she was bored with the guy. She don’t want to hurt him anymore, she lost her heart, she wanted to be single. I was filled with thousand of questions inside me, why did you do that, you should have told him before you accepted his love, you shouldn’t accept his love if you just pitied him, and even if you wanted to break up, you should met him and tell him face to face. There is no human being who have the right to hurt others just like that, just with a text message, are you insane?

I know I should tell her all that, but who am I? Just a girl who full with flaws in LOVE, a single girl who is scared to put her heart out there to be loved and to find love. I am.

To know how hard it is to find true love, I know how hard it is to fight for love we think we deserve, I know the feeling of being dumped over and over again. And today I could not understand a person who dumped their partner for the sake of themselves. Perhaps, that is what they called selfish. Among all the selfishness in the world, this is something I could not handle.

Just so you know from the start, you are not deeply, madly, fall in love. From the start, leave the person. Do not linger around giving hope for some uncertainty, just to break their heart to pieces in the end.

Queen Ice x



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