2013 Journal

2014 is here. It means the end of 365 days of my 21st years old. There are lots of memories, friendships, and also thorns along the year. So here is my throwback to 2013.

Jan – I had my first new year party at KL with bunch of doctors. Who is now, while I am writing this post, they are currently doing housemen ship over the sea.

Feb – Where I started my new semester of 2nd sem in second year. Bad news, Had to repeat my law paper to increase my pointer.

Mac – Working on KarsuFep (Faculty Sports Event). My momentum to study during this period is very high.

April – I don’t remember what happen during this month, probably doing more studying as usual.

May – Somehow at this point, I stumble. Met my accounting lecturer, she gave me the light to get through my dark tunnel.

June – My final exam. Work really hard on this.

July – Start fasting for muslim. This is the first time I met Izulman, a guy with a big dreams who influence me to see the world as a whole. Very appreciate this friendship.

August – Hari Raya Eid. Had a slight bad things happen on this moment. Conflicts with his family and so forth. I try to clear our misunderstanding, but nothing good come out.

September – Bought new Lenovo phone. If I just wait for couple months would probably have an iphone now. This is what greediness looks like. I lost a good friend after nearly 4 years knowing him.

October – I would say, the best month of the year. No words could describe what happen on this months, may the memories remain. Happy 21st birthday princess!

November – Went to Shout Award with Asyikin and Izul. End of month, went to Anugerah Skrin Malaysia with Eryn, Shera, Uzer and Izul.

December – Financial and academic issue. Nevertheless, the year end smoothly for me. Alhamdulillah.

Queen Ice x


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