Showing Gratitude

Please watch this video before continue reading this post

You are the happiest person in the world when you shows most gratitude.

So today on this post, Im gonna express my gratitude to a friend who teach me to be positive and to love my family.

Dear H, I know you from the first time we met at KLCC, it was 4 years ago. Since then you are my best friend. You teach me to be positive no matter what situation occured to me. I always had my bad day, and you always showed up to cheers for me.

The next thing is, I grow up to dislike my strict family, while you are a family guy. Its gonna be tough to be around each other with that chemistry we had. Despite the boundaries and difficulties, you gave me the light to go through the dark tunnel called families, and here I am, loving my family the most.

We may lost contact, fight and hate each other. But I wanted you to know, you held the most gratitude ever in this world from me. Thank you, thank you for all the time spend knowing you. I couldn’t have more of it. May god bless you.

Queen Ice


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