Set A Self Value

Had a good dinner time with few friends. Quite busy lately as our final examination is around the corner. Something you just couldn’t resist is having a good conversation by getting along with people around you. I notice a habit about myself. By time, I do spend time a lot on reading, I know quite a lot of stuff mostly in general things, but I did not really have a matured friends to talk about. Well that might be the reason why I am here, writing a blog, don’t you think so?

Life is strange, I hang out with people most day but I didn’t open up my brain with most of them. Lot of times, I just having fun, enjoying my free time around the town, not sharing the knowledge I have. Or perhaps, they are not even interested to know what is the current issues in accounting world.. or maybe what is the famous speech of Brian the CEO of Coca-cola. Or which celebrity attending Secret Victoria Fashion Show 2013 happening last week. If they never bother to know, why would I be babbling around with those things I knew. 

A wise woman once told me, ask question as many as you want. You never know what language of mind others would spoken to you. Amazingly, I found my communication skill in the outside world is still lacking as I keep in touch and get into interaction via LinkedIn. I have to admit, I got bunch of constructive criticism by professional individual in the site, it encourage me to set my self value not only in virtual world, but to the challenging world too. 

To the self me, it is never too late to create a brand new self. For miracle happen everyday. 

Queen Ice


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