Do What You Love To Do – Finding Happiness

To do what you love to do. Sound very cliche. Yet that is what everyone else fail to do in their daily life. They do the same routine every single day. Almost forgetting what their purpose living in this world. Forgetting to live their life to the fullest, or some even fail to find what they love to do the most. Be it collecting stamps, playing games, watching the sunrise, walk at the seaside, jogging, paragliding, it can be anything! Trust me, you are just a step closer in finding happiness if you know what you love to do in life.

Hi great people! I am writing this down right after my morning jogging, yup, am still sweating *oh that is gross* …Ideas come knocking in my head. Last night I was thinking a lot of finding answer, what do I love to do? What if money is limitless, what would I be doing now? What is my passions in life?

As I woke up in the morning, after performing my subuh prayer, I decided to run, clear my mind, and take a deep breath. Let go of whatever holding me. Looking for a new perspective in life.

There is no right or wrong in doing things in life. What there is, was a great time spend, or some lessons learn. You can do anything, whatever you choose to do. Nothing and no one can hold you back. Believe it or not, some stupid risk is worth to take. Instead of letting your wild imagination keep replaying in your head, go out there and make it real! Everything in this world is possible if you are willing to take the very first step – TO DO IT!

Have an incredible day making your wild dream comes true!

Queen Ice x


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