Restless Day

Am demotivated. why? I dont know. I see alot of people being too busy lately. I am busy too. but with less enthusiastic. why? i dont know.

I feel like talking to someone, just anyone random. talking about their day. have a good laugh. study together. get some sparks. But this is just another random dull day for me. Class, meeting, group works, assignment, presentation, work loads.

How was your day sir? Fine, I offered a girl to have lunch with me, but they refused to. I asked my friends out for dinner, yet havent seen her till now. Today is a public holiday, but I was in meeting since morning till whole evening. Restless.

It would be good to know someone care about you at the end of the day. I feel so hopeless. Forever alone.

Good night heartbreaker. May tomorrow brings the goodness for me.


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