Handle Rejection

Just woke up, scrolling some tweets, updating works with college mate. there is this one person I have been following, lately I think I got issues on him. pretty much. or its just a problem about myself. well, im not sure.

so here’s the thing, I don’t want to be fake, I want to be myself all the time, I dont want to cover up and pretending to be a classy girl everytime around someone. I want to be me, a wild, crazy me, just me. i need to meet someone who I can open up to, be nice nerdy girl but at the same time wild, crazy and free. So I accept his treatment as one of a rejection in my life. I got it, i need to get used with rejection, because rejection is okay. no one died accepting rejection. oh what am i babbling about…..

You see, this year has bought me a lot of memories, some of a good one, and some brings lesson to me, its ok i should be fine with rejection.


Queen Ice


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