Rant On A Girl Life

Went to Alamanda yesterday. Had a serious stress out day soon after I woke up. Life change too drastically. Yesterday seems too lovely and calm, the next day its like a hurricane disaster without any whether forecast. Admitting that I am living in unpredictable life. 

Lots of things going on, lots of people I met, lots of memories and citcat along. I have been spending every weekend hanging out with friends from everywhere. All those lively night. Somewhat makes me tired. Decided to ditch the real world, wanted to be invisible, I drove to Alamanda in the rainy day, alone not knowing what to do. The second I realize I picked up my lappy bag and went straight to the cinema counter to bought a Disney Cartoon movie – Frozen!

Didn’t do any shopping stuff since I’m just relaxing myself. enjoying my perfect chocolate chip grande with extra vanilla choco topping. Did I mention that it was free? Indeed, my starbucks card reach the free reward, so I demand for an extreme chocolate. Duh! Such a spoil kiddy! 

Dad whataps me as I was enjoying my cup. He keep in touch, asking if im okay. Excited tho. He rarely text nor call me nowadays, it feel so different compared to my junior years. Man, everyone expecting me to grow up, act like an adult, be matured. Why? Cnt we just be our self? Why life have to demand so much from a lil creature like me? that is so unfair. I have deal with so many world issue in my life, is that not enough? (silent scream from an innocent girl heart lol)

By the way, the movie was awesome, had a great laugh. Would not mind to watch it for the second time, but I have got something up this weekend tho. Sigh. I really could not have a weekend alone all by myself. So here’s the story, my sister is coming over to KL this weekend to do some year end shopping, or I may say, wasting moneeeyh. very well, of course I shall be the one who is going with her. The thing is, with my so-acting-busy life, there is not even a single of my assignment or reports done by now. Yet I already have plan to have FUN. shopping is FUN. No doubt. 

Last but not least, I wish for the best and a great day ahead. not to forget, my final exam which is coming soon! Naaayyyy~ 

Spread love, Miss Aila


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