2013 Journal

2014 is here. It means the end of 365 days of my 21st years old. There are lots of memories, friendships, and also thorns along the year. So here is my throwback to 2013.

Jan – I had my first new year party at KL with bunch of doctors. Who is now, while I am writing this post, they are currently doing housemen ship over the sea.

Feb – Where I started my new semester of 2nd sem in second year. Bad news, Had to repeat my law paper to increase my pointer.

Mac – Working on KarsuFep (Faculty Sports Event). My momentum to study during this period is very high.

April – I don’t remember what happen during this month, probably doing more studying as usual.

May – Somehow at this point, I stumble. Met my accounting lecturer, she gave me the light to get through my dark tunnel.

June – My final exam. Work really hard on this.

July – Start fasting for muslim. This is the first time I met Izulman, a guy with a big dreams who influence me to see the world as a whole. Very appreciate this friendship.

August – Hari Raya Eid. Had a slight bad things happen on this moment. Conflicts with his family and so forth. I try to clear our misunderstanding, but nothing good come out.

September – Bought new Lenovo phone. If I just wait for couple months would probably have an iphone now. This is what greediness looks like. I lost a good friend after nearly 4 years knowing him.

October – I would say, the best month of the year. No words could describe what happen on this months, may the memories remain. Happy 21st birthday princess!

November – Went to Shout Award with Asyikin and Izul. End of month, went to Anugerah Skrin Malaysia with Eryn, Shera, Uzer and Izul.

December – Financial and academic issue. Nevertheless, the year end smoothly for me. Alhamdulillah.

Queen Ice x


Showing Gratitude

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You are the happiest person in the world when you shows most gratitude.

So today on this post, Im gonna express my gratitude to a friend who teach me to be positive and to love my family.

Dear H, I know you from the first time we met at KLCC, it was 4 years ago. Since then you are my best friend. You teach me to be positive no matter what situation occured to me. I always had my bad day, and you always showed up to cheers for me.

The next thing is, I grow up to dislike my strict family, while you are a family guy. Its gonna be tough to be around each other with that chemistry we had. Despite the boundaries and difficulties, you gave me the light to go through the dark tunnel called families, and here I am, loving my family the most.

We may lost contact, fight and hate each other. But I wanted you to know, you held the most gratitude ever in this world from me. Thank you, thank you for all the time spend knowing you. I couldn’t have more of it. May god bless you.

Queen Ice

Do What You Love To Do – Finding Happiness

To do what you love to do. Sound very cliche. Yet that is what everyone else fail to do in their daily life. They do the same routine every single day. Almost forgetting what their purpose living in this world. Forgetting to live their life to the fullest, or some even fail to find what they love to do the most. Be it collecting stamps, playing games, watching the sunrise, walk at the seaside, jogging, paragliding, it can be anything! Trust me, you are just a step closer in finding happiness if you know what you love to do in life.

Hi great people! I am writing this down right after my morning jogging, yup, am still sweating *oh that is gross* …Ideas come knocking in my head. Last night I was thinking a lot of finding answer, what do I love to do? What if money is limitless, what would I be doing now? What is my passions in life?

As I woke up in the morning, after performing my subuh prayer, I decided to run, clear my mind, and take a deep breath. Let go of whatever holding me. Looking for a new perspective in life.

There is no right or wrong in doing things in life. What there is, was a great time spend, or some lessons learn. You can do anything, whatever you choose to do. Nothing and no one can hold you back. Believe it or not, some stupid risk is worth to take. Instead of letting your wild imagination keep replaying in your head, go out there and make it real! Everything in this world is possible if you are willing to take the very first step – TO DO IT!

Have an incredible day making your wild dream comes true!

Queen Ice x

Set A Self Value

Had a good dinner time with few friends. Quite busy lately as our final examination is around the corner. Something you just couldn’t resist is having a good conversation by getting along with people around you. I notice a habit about myself. By time, I do spend time a lot on reading, I know quite a lot of stuff mostly in general things, but I did not really have a matured friends to talk about. Well that might be the reason why I am here, writing a blog, don’t you think so?

Life is strange, I hang out with people most day but I didn’t open up my brain with most of them. Lot of times, I just having fun, enjoying my free time around the town, not sharing the knowledge I have. Or perhaps, they are not even interested to know what is the current issues in accounting world.. or maybe what is the famous speech of Brian the CEO of Coca-cola. Or which celebrity attending Secret Victoria Fashion Show 2013 happening last week. If they never bother to know, why would I be babbling around with those things I knew. 

A wise woman once told me, ask question as many as you want. You never know what language of mind others would spoken to you. Amazingly, I found my communication skill in the outside world is still lacking as I keep in touch and get into interaction via LinkedIn. I have to admit, I got bunch of constructive criticism by professional individual in the site, it encourage me to set my self value not only in virtual world, but to the challenging world too. 

To the self me, it is never too late to create a brand new self. For miracle happen everyday. 

Queen Ice

Like A Stone Wall

The Secret of Change
I always find myself different everyday I wake up, someday I feel extraordinary awesome, somday I lost my motivation. Guess I should know where to focus my energy right before I start my new day.
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In the first battle of Bull Run, several Confederate units fell into panic as the battle was raging on. Thomas Jackson, a brilliant general who was known to inspire courage in his troops pointed to Jackson and said, “There stands Jackson like a stone wall!” This call to action rallied the troops and urged the men to gather their courage to regroup to fight on.

Yesterday I was on the verge of  tears all day. It hasn’t been easily lately. I’ve been under a lot of pressure and everything seems to be piling up all at once. It’s tough. Real tough. I had this urge to just run earlier…and then somehow Stonewall Jackson popped into my head. “There stands Jackson like a stone wall!” I just kept repeating that in my head. Things could be a lot worse. Bullets could be zipping around you…you could be unprotected on a horse…and…

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